Servers Would Finally Shake Up Elder Scrolls

Sun Dec 4. 2022

Servers Would Finally Shake Up Elder Scrolls

The RuneScape developers have been playing with the idea of easy- and hard-servers. This is a great idea because MMO difficulty can be so difficult to solve. It's impossible to change it quickly because you are in a different world from yourself. Also, increasing difficulty across the board can cause players to lose interest. This is where easy and hard servers can come in. They can offer more options for veterans and casual players alike. Although I don't play RuneScape, it makes me jealous to hear this back and forth. I've been playing The Elder Scrolls Online since 2014, and it's become far too easy.

Although I don't want to overstate my own skills, I'm a fairly standard MMO player with tank and healer toons that were built from guides. However, ESO has been a breeze compared to 2014. Although the main quest content is easy to complete, public dungeons are more difficult for smaller groups. I can now waltz in at a low-level and get through them easily. The same applies to world bosses, Craglorn delves and other things that are meant for larger groups. There is no real resistance from enemies in the main zones, or the DLC.

Expansions can be a double-edged sword. They are Zenimax's new beginning. This allows new players to jump in and begin with the additional content. To catch up, you don't need to play the entire game for ten years. The new zones are just as easy as the rest of the game, so there is no increased challenge or stakes. Craglorn was the only exception to this rule. This PvE zone is specifically designed for groups and makes it harder to complete quests, delves, world events, dungeons and dungeons. This forces you to think more strategically and to use your abilities in fights, rather than just pressing one button until the boss with 2,000 hit point keels over.

The community has always requested harder zones. However, group dungeons or trials are the most difficult DLC. These are the ones you queue with friends or strangers. They're extremely difficult solo but relatively easy for Veteran with the right team. Zenimax's casual-oriented approach to ESO is what keeps it going and helps it grow year after year. However, it leaves veterans disappointed. High Isle is an exciting new DLC that adds rich lore and folds in the Druids of Daggerfall to keep the Three Banner War arc alive. Fans-favorite characters like Jakarn are available, as well as new spots in Tamriel. However, the challenge feels the same as Khenarthi's Roost, which is the tutorial island.

It can be frustrating for those who have been around for a long time to feel like things are getting old. Quests don't offer much to motivate you. While quests can be fun to earn gear and skill points, they are not as rewarding. It's not worth fighting bosses that are less powerful than dungeon cannon fodder in a matter of seconds. It's great for the longevity of the MMO and why it's so popular--it's easy to use and won't get too overwhelming. But maybe it's time for the community to decide for themselves. Hard servers that make the main content more casual and more in line to public dungeons or delves could make combat outside of dungeons more interesting.

The RuneScape developers made a point of mentioning the new difficulty. It's not about making enemies more spongy or turning players into glass. But it is about changing the game mechanics. For example, more inventory slots on easy servers would be a boon for new players still learning about crafting and what weapon type to use. Fast travel on harder servers could be more difficult, alter levelling more difficult, and you will need to be more careful with how much gold you spend or your skill points.

Endgame content can also be honed with more difficult public dungeons or arenas. They are a true test of strength and determination. It's not about spending ten more minutes trying to keep alive bosses and taking down bosses. It's about forcing us to think more carefully about our builds and our commitments, and focusing more on combat as enemies become true adversaries.

The ESO community has been reacting to recent combat changes in PTS. This is a sign that it's time for us to draw a line and allow people to choose their place. Some people find it too easy. Some people find it too difficult. For others, it's easy enough. Although it is impossible to please everyone in these three camps, different servers might be able to come close.