Runescape Private Servers

Thu Dec 15. 2022

Runescape Private Servers

A RuneScape Private Server, also known by RSPS, a user-made gaming system that is based on the original RuneScape game. Unlike Jagex's original game, RSPS can be managed by friends, individuals, or small online groups.

Although a RSPS may look the same as RuneScape in appearance, it's often not nearly as good. The manager, also known as the 'owner' in the RSPS-scene, can modify the game to your liking. Many people prefer RSPS to real RuneScape because it is easier to get high levels and collect rare pieces. Some RuneScape private server managers create items that are not available in real RuneScape.

RuneScape is not the same as RSPS, but they are distinct concepts. Registering new accounts per RSPS is required. You cannot use your RuneScape information.

Make your own

It's fun to create your own RuneScape server, but it is not as simple as it once was.

To create a stable RSPS, you will need to know at least some programming languages like JavaScript, C#, PHP, and databases such as SQL.


As long as the client and cache are available, a private server can fit any revision. Information will often be released within a source, and many renditions will follow, as is the case with revisions 562 or 718. There are many frameworks that can cover more revisions than these, but these are the most common. These revisions aren't currently used for servers.

Legal questions

RuneScape Private Servers are in a gray area regarding legality. Although the server's use may be in violation of EULA and copyright laws; however, Runescape Private Servers are not required to be used for copyrighted purposes.

Playing and operating private servers is at your own risk. Although private servers are almost always safe, hosting private servers can be a legal concern.