OSRS Private Servers

Wed Jan 25. 2023

OSRS Private Servers

You want to get away from the OSRS main games and try some different variants? It sounds like a RuneScape Private Server is right for you! RuneScape private server (also known as RSPS) are user-made servers that RuneScape has created. They're modified in unique ways to make the game more fun. There will be one for everyone!

It can be difficult to choose the right RuneScape private server from the thousands upon thousands available. We've tested many RuneScape private server and compiled a comprehensive list. Let's get to it!

1. Etherum RSPS

Etherum RSPS is the first! Etherum RSPS, which has been in operation for more than 8 years, is the longest running private RuneScape RuneScape sever. There are many reasons that hundreds of players choose Etherum RSPS every day. The game content is extensive, so you won't be bored!

Etherum RSPS is the best place for PvP lovers. There are regular tournaments that can be used to exchange OSRS Gold for OSRS Gold. This is available for the top 10 finishers. You can also set your own combat level and get supplies to jump right into the action.

Once you're out in the wilderness, the highly developed bounty hunter system can be used. You can be assigned a target and receive various rewards if you take them down. You can choose between a red skull and a black skull to spice up your PvP experience. The red skull doubles your reward, but you lose all items upon death. The black skull increases your rewards but makes it impossible to leave the wilderness during combat.

The bosses are another great aspect of Etherum RSPS. Etherum RSPS offers a variety of bosses to choose from. All can be tracked using the interactive NPC Kill Tracker.

Etherum RSPS also has incredible skilling mechanics. You can simply enter a quick command to be teleported to your slayer area when you're grinding out Slayer. This is amazing! Etherum RSPS also has a prestige system. It works in the same way as other games' prestige system. You can reset your skills (in Etherum RSPS – your non-combat abilities) up to 20x. Each hour of skilling earns you 1,000 prestige points. For every 100 million gold you earn, the number of prestige points multiplied by your prestige is 100 million. Spend your prestige points at the prestige shop!

2. Zenyte RSPS

Next is Zenyte RSSPS! Zenyte RSSPS is a great option because it can be played on any android device. You heard it right. You can play RuneScape Private Servers from your smartphone! Let's look at some reasons people choose Zenyte RSPS. Zenyte RSPS's immersive bossing experience is what makes them stand out. We'll touch on this a bit.

If you are familiar with OSRS, then you will be familiar with Inferno - RuneScape's most difficult solo challenge. You can try the Inferno at Zenyte RSPS. After sacrificing a fire cape you can face the difficult 69 waves that lead to the final boss, TzKalZuk. If you defeat this boss, you will earn an infernal Cape! You have a 1:100 chance of getting the pet, and a 1:75 chance if you're doing the slayer task.

The Chambers of Xeric, as seen in OSRS can also be found within Zenyte RSPS. The Chambers of Xeric is a large cave raid with challenge rooms. You must complete them to defeat the final boss and earn one of the prized prizes. The RuneScape private version of the Chambers of Xeric can be played on the same server as the main game. Therefore, skills can be transferred!

Finally, Wintertodt must be mentioned. Yes, the Zenyte OSRS Private Server does have Wintertodt. Wintertodt is a boss you must defeat using your skills, not your combat. You'll need to work together with a team to subdue Wintertodt. If you succeed, you will receive rewards crates. You have the chance to obtain the Phoenix, one of the most beautiful pets in the game, at a rate 1 in 3750.

3. RoatPkz RSPS

We now have RoatPkz RSSS. RoatPkz RSPS, like Zenyte RSPS, is well-known for its bossing. RoatPkz RSPS however is well-known for its incredible PvP gameplay. Let's dive into some of the features of RoatPkz RSPS. It may be the RuneScape private servers for you!

The achievements system is our favorite feature of RoatPkz RSPS. There are almost a thousand achievements players can unlock in their RoatPkz RSPS adventure. These achievements include zerker kills and wildy key events. Every achievement comes with a set of rewards, which is even better! Even if you aren't a PvP player, there are still skilling, PvM and other miscellaneous achievements that you can unlock.

RoatPkz RSPS is similar to OSRS. It features 'Last Man Standing', a PvP battle royal minigame that pits players against each other in a huge arena with up to 23 players. You'll need to gather your gear and go into battle in the arena, which is actually an entire island.

There are three types of 'Last Man Standing': The casual mode is free and does not affect your Last Man Standing Elo. The competitive mode costs 250 PKP and the winner takes most of everyone's PKP deposits. The high stakes mode costs 5000 PKP and the winner takes a large portion of the PKP deposited. These two modes count towards your LMS Elo, so be cautious!

RoatPkz RSPS offers many skills to help you take a break from PvP. You can fish, cook, mine, smith, agility, woodcutting and fire making, thieving or crafting, and many other skills. There are also enhanced exp rates if that is not enough! Although the exp rates vary by skill, they roughly correspond to 5-10x more exp rates than the main OSRS. You can also get skilling pets to show off your skill. You can also trade in your skilling items to earn skilling points. You can then trade them into PKP which is the main currency in the game.

4. DreamScape RSPS

We're pleased to present the final OSRS Private Servers list. DreamScape RSPS gives you the benefit of an active development team with new updates every few days. Let's take a look at some of our favorite features and see what piques our interest.

You're likely to have played OSRS before and seen the Barrows boss. DreamScape RSPS also has its own Barrows, just like OSRS. You'll need to navigate through a series crypts in order to find 6 of the Barrows.

The mega rare drop table in DreamScape RSPS is sure to thrill all players. You can now have the chance to get a mega rare item that will set you up for a long time. To activate these rare mega-rare drop tables, you will need to pay a small amount to an NPC. Then you can start grinding. DreamScape RSPS now starts to diverge from OSRS (in a positive way!) Pets. Yes, you can get Barrows-themed pets in DreamScapeRSPS. These pets offer you bonus points to help you on your adventures.

Ahrim Jr pets, for example, give you a 1/10 chance of hitting twice with magic attacks. Your average damage dealt by the Dharock Jr pet increases as your health drops (just like Dharock!) Guthans Jr pets heal you, Karil Jr pets reduce the enemy's magical level, and Verac Jr pets allow you to hit without having to worry about boss armour. The Torag Jr pet increases your special attack recovery by three times! What are you waiting for?! Get all the barrows pets by jumping on DreamScape RSPS!


Here's a complete list of our top OSRS Private Severs. Are you interested in any of the servers? Download them now and give it a shot!

The original RuneScape game is just as enjoyable as the RuneScape servers. Players may not be able afford the most expensive content, as it is locked behind high-level gear.